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This site was inspired by BugGuide, where I've been a participant for several years, both as a photographer and a developer. I'd been thinking about doing a similar site for other fauna that I photograph. This forum thread made it clear that others were interested in such a site for birds. I decided to build it. For my own programming amusement I created this site as my first project with Ruby on Rails.

Please note that I am not an ornithologist or a bird expert of any kind! The idea is to create a community here where the accuracy of the identifications will improve over time. Please contact an expert at a university, natural resources agency, etc. if you need professional advice.

Thanks go to J.H. for giving me and my wife the birding "bug" from the good old days camping together in Ohio. And thanks to T.B. for creating BugGuide.

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Posted by Mike Boone on June 26, 2007
Last updated: September 14, 2007

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